Are you running a large social media campaign?

Struggling to manage multiple accounts on multiple platforms?

Take Control of your Social Media

with entrepreneur and 100state Executive Director, Gregory St. Fort

Take Control of your Social Media with 100state executive director, Gregory St. Fort. Learn how to manage multiple accounts, businesses and campaigns and find out what tools can help save you time and money.

The next Take Control of your Social Media workshop is on Thurs Feb 4th from 6-8pm!

Have questions? Bring them with you.

Or just come to listen and to learn.

In this Social Media workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Intro to automating marketing campaigns
  • Learn about some free automation platforms
  • Social media managements tools
  • Manage all of your accounts in one place
  • Intro to Hootsuite
  • Managing social media with your team
  • Tracking clicks
  • Checking your reports
  • When to automate
Gregory St. Fort ‎

Gregory St. Fort ‎

Executive Director at 100state, Founder of LetsKeepBuilding. Social Media Expert, Event Producer

Originally from Queens, NY, Gregory St. Fort has a passion for team building, marketing, and event production. He believe dreams come true only when people come together. His beliefs led him to founding his own company called LetsKeepBuilding, also known as LKB. LKB helps people find their passion and offers marketing  services to help people build it. In 2014 Greg moved to Madison and now is the event manager for 100state. Greg will sharing his experience with managing multiple large social media campaigns.

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