Track, Measure and Analyze with Google Analytics

with Candy Phelps, founder and owner of iCandy Graphics & Web Design

Learn how to track, measure and guide your content and social media strategies using insights from the free Google Analytics platform. This is an introductory course for those first exploring the Google Analytics tools and interface.

In this course, you will learn the basics of how to:

  • create and access your Google Analytics reporting tools
  • navigate the Google Analytics GA dashboard and create standard reports
  • learn the basics and lingo of search engine optimization
  • create and enable your Google Search Console tools
  • unlock the “organic keywords” people use to find your site
  • enable demographic reports to discover the gender and age of your users
  • create custom dashboards with your favorite reports
  • create new users, views and filters
  • add secondary dimensions to basic reports for more in-depth analysis
  • create goals and track conversions to see what channels are working the best
  • track revenue as it relates to your goals and conversions
  • use the Google Tag Manager for event tracking
  • create and track promotional campaigns with the Google URL builder
  • analyze your results and take action based on information

This is a hands-on course, so people need to bring a laptop with the login to their Google Analytics / Google account.

Stay tuned for the next Track, Measure and Analyze with Google Analytics workshop.

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