Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts?

Absolutely! For the WordPress Bootcamps we offer a $50 discount for non-profits and a $100 discount for 100state members.

How about scholarships?

We have at least 1 scholarship available for each course but if you need financial help, just let us know, we want our courses to be accessible to everyone. We’re also happy to offer scholarships to tech savvy & entrepreneurial teens too!

Is food provided?

It depends on the workshop, but for the WordPress Bootcamp, we’ll provide bagels and coffee in the morning and some delicious Ian’s Pizza for a working lunch.

What’s your refund policy?

We’ll need a 48 hour notice for a full refund. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you stay until the end of the course and are not satisfied, we’ll refund your tuition.

Will I leave the WordPress Bootcamp with a fully functioning website?

Possibly, we’ve had several students design and launch basic 3-5 page sites during the bootcamp, but it’s important to remember that a professionally designed site takes 50-100 hours of hard work. Consider this a great place to start.

How often are you scheduling Bootcamps?

Our current goal is to schedule each full Bootcamp quarterly, but we’ll be experimenting with a variety of shorter workshops with more niche topics.

How can I get involved as a trainer, facilitator or volunteer?

If you have a workshop you already teach, and it seems like a good fit for our model, we’d love to talk about bringing you on as a trainer! We’d like to experiment with some specific software based workshops like photoshop, illustrator, auto-cad, quick books, etc., but we’re open to anything STEAM related.

Since our courses are designed to be  hands-on, we also need facilitators to support the lead  trainers and to help students throughout the day. Let us know if you’d like help out.

We also need a volunteer or two for each workshop so our trainers and facilitators can focus on students throughout the day. Duties include picking up breakfast and lunch, greeting students and keeping the coffee flowing.

Have any other questions?

Contact us here!

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