Let’s face it, sometimes finding what you want on Google takes a bit more digging than your standard google search.

Quick Reference List on How to Google like a Pro

Advanced Google Search – http://www.google.com/advanced_search lets you search by language, region, domain, file type, usage rights, phrases, ranges and more.

“Search for a phrase” – Use quotes to search for an exact phrase. Great for long tail keywords and checking for duplicate content.

Site:domain.com – will show you every page Google has indexed for just your  website.

“domain” -site:domain – will show you all mentions of your domain that are not on your actual domain.

Info:domain.com – will show you everything Google can tell you about that site.

Domain:domain.com – will show you every site with your domain name.

Related:domain.com – related:website will show you search results that (according to Google) are similar or semantically related to your site.

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